Sivas is a traditional calm crete village only with approx. 600 inhabitants. The village is remote a place before Pitsidia-Matala and about 5 km from the beach, you need only 5 minutes by car for the sandy beach Komo or Kalamaki. fFrom Sivas can undertake you fantastic excursions through the nature for example into the neighbouring place Pitsidia, Listaros or Kouses.

There is a Cafe to supply different possibilities to shop around themselves with all, also bread and wine, in the village 3 good taverns, one of that with playground, and 4 more Kafenion'. You find a very good slaughterhouse also here in Sivas for your nice and tasty BBQ.

We ourselves live here in the village and I am very satisfied with "my" village.
From Sivas via Pitsidia you will need 50 minutes by feet (5 minutes by car) where you will find the beautiful sand beach Komo. The path leads you through shadowy olive groves and orange plantation towards Pitsidia. When you reach it, you proceed through the pretty town and ahead through wine plantations in the direction of the beach. If you like hiking, it is a swell simple route.

Gladly I organize you a renting car, with which you can undertake many trips. For example: Agia Triada, Gortis, Agia Deka, Phaistos and Matala. If the wind is too strong over in the sea to bathe, you can visit the swimming pool in Pitsidia (camping site) or to Kalamaki (public).